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You Can Take Kashim Shettima’s Loyalty To The Bank

Yakubu Ahmed-BK

His loyalty to friendship has always been total. Even though politics in Nigeria is replete with underhand betrayals in pursuit of interests, Kashim Shettima – the immediate past Governor of Borno state, is a different specie. To him, loyalty is a covenant and it’s either 100 percent or nothing.

In his entire political life, he has held on to that banner of sticking to his conviction and had maintained a 100% total commitment to any cause he believes in.

Since he began his association with President Muhammadu Buhari much earlier, he has never ever jumped ship. Through the vagaries of the elements, and despite the dwindling fortunes at several times, Kashim Shettima had never ditched Buhari even once, not to talk of making a come back. You cannot, in all honesty say this of the bunch of later day converts who made a trade out of being pro-Buhari or anti-Buhari on the prism of what suits their fancy or interests.

He was Governor of Borno state for eight years between 2011 and 2019 and until in 2015 when Buhari finally became President, instances abound when the years before witnessed the highest form of betrayals by quite a number of the very political charlatans and contractors who today parade the corridors of power and have positioned themselves dropping the name of the President at will.

Even to ordinary friends, no matter how distant, Shettima has established a name for loyalty. If you want to locate why he is still relevant and influential in the politics of Borno state, take a look at how he has been selfless and overprotective of his lieutenants and associates. He is one of the very few political leaders in Nigeria today who are reaping from the fruit of their hard work, all-inclusive accommodation and selflessness. This explains why his relationship with all stakeholders in Borno state including his successor Professor Umara Zulum is on a different level. Anybody who has associated, related with him or has crossed his path is left glued to his personality. You can’t meet him and not feel charmed by the originality of his personality.

If you have seen how he passionately and courageously defended Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, APC’s leading presidential aspirant in his TVC and Channels interviews yesterday, you will be amazed at his oratory, intellect, memory, courage and charm. He was at his best quoting dates, figures and documents to drive his points home. You can feel that sense of undiluted loyalty to his principal. When it comes to proving his loyalty, you will see the uncompromising dedication and commitment to that cause. He may appear lame and disinterested, but if you want to see the red eyes in him, touch his friends.

To many people who watched his TV interview yesterday, Kashim Shettima came out smoking with guns blazing. The same passion he defended Tinubu will have been the same he would have employed to protect his office messenger if the situation warranted it. He is never selective in who, among his friends, regardless of their social class, to defend.

Interestingly, he too, enjoys the same commitment from his friends. The same energy he puts into watching the back of his friends, is about the same energy his friends exert in defending him, again, when the situation calls for it.
This is why there is no politician like him in the country today. To him, it’s not everything that goes in politics. There are exceptions to that mundane rule. If you want to test his will in that regard, touch his friends.

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