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Wood Sawyers in Abuja Groan as Inflation Bites Harder

Some wood sawyers in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja have expressed concern over the increase in prices of their working tools which has impacted negatively on their businesses as inflation bites harder.

In separate interviews with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Tuesday in Abuja, they attributed the situation to the high inflation in the country.

Mr Danjuma Haruna, a sawyer at Lugbe, said that some tools he bought for N50, 000 in 2014 now sells for as high as N250, 000.

“Currently, I cut one 4×12 inches wood for N600 for my customers but in 2021 I sawn same for N200. This is due to the increase in diesel and engine oil prices.

“In 2021  I  bought diesel for N300 but this year I  am buying it  for N900 and this  has increased the amount of money I charge my customers,’’ he said.

Mr Okwuchukwu Okeke, a wood sawyer in Wuse2 Market, said he currently buys a truck load of 4×12 woods from Lokoja, Kogi for N2.2 million while he used to buy the same quantity at a lesser price in 2021.

He said he made N500, 000 in a week when the business was booming as against the current N200, 000 in a week today.

Mr Ugochukwu Ibenezim, a wood seller in Dei-dei told NAN that low patronage due to high cost of processing wood has become a threat to his business.

“When the woods stay long they begin to lose quality, and in some cases, shape,’’ he said. (NAN)



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