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U.S.-Based Care Provider Settles Hospital Bills of Indigent Patients in Lagos

The donor, Dr Oluwatoyin Iseyemi ( First Left) and other hospital management team interrogating a patient at Female Surgery Ward after paying her bills on Thursday.


A U.S.-based Nigerian Care Provider, Dr Oluwatoyin Iseyemi, on Thursday paid medical bills of several indigent patients at the Federal Medical Center, Ebutte-Metta, Lagos..

“The donor, popularly known as Dr Tee Glam from Houston, Texas said that the gesture was in fulfillment of her promise to alleviate burdens of people during the festive season.

Paying the medical expenses for all indigent patients on site, Iseyemi, who presented a cheque of an undisclosed amount to the hospital management, simply said it was in millions.

“This has nothing to do with politics. This is something I came up with independently to give back to the community. This is a festive season, I do want the people to go back home.

“I want mothers to go home to be mothers to their children. I want fathers to go home to be fathers to their children and same thing to brothers and sisters. Everybody deserves to have great healthcare.

“I think this is one of the ways I can show support for the community. I know there are a lot of challenges in the country, helping in this little way hopefully helps save some lives,” she said.

Describing the gesture as gratifying, the donor said that she hoped to do more, and go wherever her heart follows.

Commending the hospital management for providing the platform for her to serve her community, Iseyemi said that her purpose was to support the less privileged individuals families and help them to enjoy the season.

“I don’t want to have people worrying about how to pay their bills. I look forward to do even more in the future,” she said.

On the number of beneficiaries, Iseyemi said: “I will not name a figure, but I can tell you it is not a little figure. This is a big hospital and everyone is on the list that I am aware of that cannot pay.

“Can you just imagine women there who need to give birth and they are so concerned on how they are going to pay? It is a major problem. They should not be dealing with all that in addition to the pregnancy.

“So, paying for someone like that is going to bring smiles to the faces. Again, I cannot put a figure because it is quite a huge number but I am happy to do this because I made the promise and I am keeping my promise.

“This is something I am doing personally, I can tell you it is in millions,” she said.

Calling on well-meaning Nigerians home and abroad to impact the indigent, Iseyemi said that people could give to communities and the homeless.

”A’nyone can make an impact even if it is only one person,” he said.

She urged the Federal Government to invest more in the health sector in terms of infrastructure and free healthcare for citizens.

One of the beneficiaries, Mrs Kate Chigozie, who had Caesarean Section, said: “It is a privilege, I am really grateful and I appreciate this so much. May God. bless and continue to replenish wherever this is coming from.”

Another beneficiary, Mrs Blessing Nwagboniwe, who delivered a baby through surgery, said, ” May God bless them more abundantly. I delivered the baby through C-Section and there was no financial help. I really thank God for this help.”

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the donor and her team were received by the hospital management team led by Dr Saheed Ogumme, the Head of Clinical Services, on behalf of the Medical Director, Dr Adedamola Dada.

Speaking at a meeting with the donor before leading them round various wards, Ogumme described the gesture as commendable.

“For those of us in the field, we come across patients who need medical care but cannot afford it, so it is a big challenge.

“The government only allows us to treat people on emergency just for 24 hours, after that what happens? who is going to pick up the bill, it is a big challenge.

“So, for you to come to help us, help our indigent patients is commendable,” he said.

Others in the hospital management team present include Mr Harrison Etim, the Director of Administration and Dr Olorunyemi Ayoola, Director, Corporate Services. (NAN)



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