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Those Killing us in the North

Mallam Haruna Abdullahi

They are the bandits that abduct us for ransom,
Where we fail to give, they kill us without mercy

By Haruna Abdullahi Haruspice

In the north, those killings aren’t the almajiris
but our sane brothers and sisters.
They observe five daily prayers,
supplicate to Allah but duplicate the devil in recreating themselves in him. They are our fellow worshippers in the mosque,
we pray together while they plot our kill.

They live in our neighbourhood as our neighbours,
They are the teachers to our children,
They aren’t jobless per se but steadily greedy,
They want to live in affluence but from the blood of us.

They are the bandits that abduct us for ransom,
Where we fail to give, they kill us without mercy,
They live in us as we live in them,
They dress in the kaftan of fame,
Only that they stain theirs in the kaftan and hijab of shame.

The almajiris we fear are not as murderous as we thought,
They live in nuisance,
Collecting our bags and phones on the streets,
With occasional shallow stabs,
The fear you know is half overcome
Than the safety, you thought you had,
In the arms of your neighbours,
Who lurks around to stab you in death.

In my north,
Muminins are abducting themselves,
Women are setting up themselves,
Mallamai are killing their students
Because everyone wants to live rich.

Soul stained, fear dimmed
As the people dared Allah in their infamies,
They are the iniquities, with no remorse for evil,
To them, life in ruins of affluence
Is better than eternal life in Jannah.

Oh my north, where crime was a distant reference,
Now the abode of calamities.
Innalillahi wa Inna ilaihirraji’un

Sadly musing



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