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Thank You Senator Kashim Shettima

I feel obliged to say a big thank you to Senator Kashim Shettima for seeing to my appointment as a member of the Public Affairs Directorate of the presidential campaign council of the Tinubu/Shettima presidential ticket.

Playing on a stage that big offers an opportunity to contribute, learn, make new friends and above all, to play a part in the evolution of new ideas for the good of the country. The job at hand is not only crucial but inviolable as the country searches for men and women who can do it, to take charge of the affairs of the country to clear the path to posterity, security, economic stability and national rebirth among others… men who have the antecedents, the knowledge, the courage, the patriotism and bridge building ability.
Yakubu Ahmed-BK

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My name is Fatima muhammed Halidu


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