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He was conspicuous around strategic areas of the Special Convention of the All Progressives Congress (APC) which rounded up on the 7th of this month in Abuja. In his position as the Chairman of the APC Governors Forum, Kebbi State Governor Senator Atiku Bagudu had the task, in conjunction with other key stakeholders, of seeing to a successful presidential primary election.

The Kebbi Governor, as it were, holds an important position which exposes to playing crucial in the way the party is managed and handling issues around the party or as it concerns the party’s governors.

The Special Convention, which proved to be about the most important assignment both for the party and its top echelon owing to the implications it has for the nation’s democracy and stability, was one of many top assignments the Atiku Bagudu led APC Governors Forum handled since he became Chairman of the Forum.

It’s heartwarming that the primary election was a resounding success, more so when a number of thorns were placed on its path by internal and external forces bent at sabotaging the process and plunging the party into a turmoil and quickening its disintegration.

The visibility of Atiku Bagudu restlessly working round the clock, being physically present at the various venues around Abuja city and holding dozens of meetings even at odd hours all played critical roles in ensuring that all the cogs in the wheel of the convention were not just removed in order to give way for a hitch free event but strategies were evolved to ensure unity within the rank and file – a situation that eventually compounded opponents and rendered their machinations ineffective.

While aspirants, delegates, party officials and visitors were busy interfacing and running around to play their respective parts, Atiku Bagudu in particular was seen moving around giving orders to convention handlers and putting finishing touches to key structures and materials that were critical to a successful convention.

Although his work was more visible from the background where strategic meetings were the pillars upon which the whole thing rest, he still made time out to be physically present where ever his attention was needed.

Bagudu has proved, overtime, that he possessed the kind of qualities needed to manage men and resources to achieve targets.

When in March this year a stalemate ensued with the unsuccessful attempts to remove Mai Mala Buni as Chairman of the Interim Management Committee of the APC, it was Atiku Bagudu that President Buhari turned to, to bring tension down and worked at bringing all stakeholders along the path of reason and forgivenesses. His singular involvement, in his capacity at the Chairman of the APC Governors Forum as well as the high esteem with which his colleague Governors held him proved decisive in dealing with the division that was bound to manifest from the logjam.

That the crisis was managed very well, in which there was no victor no vanquished was down to the selflessness, sincerity and commitment of Atiku Bagudu in the roles he has always played when called upon to quench fires of division.

The fact that President Muhammadu Buhari was one of the very important personalities to commend the Kebbi state Governor on his selfless service to both the party and the nation, meant that his hard work and energy had never been in vain. The President was particularly impressed with Atiku Bagudu’s commitment to the success of the special convention which has gone down in history as the best in the annals of the country.

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