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Return Journey Records Steady Process

Return journey to Nigeria has so far recorded seven trips successfully. FlyNas has an edge over the other carriers being Saudi based airline therefore secured takeoff slots earlier than the other two. So far Max Air has recorded two flights while FlyNas is preparing for its sixth leg with Lagos pilgrims. A total 3,133 state pilgrims are currently back to the country. This number is not inclusive of Private Tour Operators’ clients.

Please note that the number of pilgrims being transported back to Nigeria follows the same pattern of their arrival into the Kingdom for symmetry. To wit, for a flight that transported 515 pilgrims during outbound trip, the same number of slots is reserved for them on the corresponding inbound flight to Nigeria. The other seats are utilized by the airlines as agreed. Therefore, NAHCON ensures that the same number of pilgrims board the aircraft for dispatch back home.

Relatedly, pilgrims are urged not to insert bottles of zamzam water in their luggage, be it hand luggage or check-in bags. This is to avoid their cases being opened in order to remove the bottles at baggage screening centers. Please pilgrims should take note and act accordingly. Pilgrims officials are encouraged to guide their pilgrims on the matter accordingly.

In another vein, the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria, NAHCON, also wishes to appreciate State Pilgrims’ Welfare Boards/Agencies/Commissions serving standard meals to their pilgrims as agreed. As stakeholders all working towards the satisfaction of the pilgrims, the Commission identifies with most of the positive reports it is receiving from its staff monitoring the kitchens. Besides because feeding in Makkah is responsibility of the states’ boards, the Commission encourages all authorities to maintain the agreed standard for the satisfaction of pilgrims who have paid for these services. Any service provider that fails to discharge his responsibility as contracted should be reported to the Commission for necessary action please.


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AD, Public Affairs,

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