Personal Data, The eNaira, And Matters Of Digital Transaction Confidentiality

I am going to paint pictures with this piece. Pictures from the past, from today, and predictions for the future, then I will create a nexus between the three and drop my pen, leaving you to make your inferences. But be aware that your inferences, perceptions and opinions about the issues I will raise is entirely your responsibility. Let’s get to business.

First, me. Who I am. It is not necessary for you to know, but the knowledge can afford you the visual stimulus to absorb what you are about to read with better understanding, stronger opinion-forming temerity, and an overall grip of the mood of the article. My name is Quadri Abdulbaseet, a Financial Technology (FinTech) Analyst and fast-rising social commentator whose opinions are reports from the lenses of objectivity and a clear conscience. I have been interested in personal data and issues bordering on digital transaction confidentiality for almost a decade now..

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