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Nigeria has human, material resources for greatness: Group

A Pan-Nigeria group, The Compatriots says Nigeria has the requisite human and material resources to develop as a famous black nation.

The Convener of the group and former Gov. Victor Attah of Akwa Ibom, said this at the maiden media briefing of the group on Friday in Abuja.

Attah said, however, that Nigeria required some fundamental social and economic reforms for the realisation of its full potential.

”‘A starting point for the rebuilding of our state, the economy and the society will doubtlessly require a new mode of political engagement by the elite and the masses alike.

”Nigeria clearly needs new modes of political practices, a new kind of politics that has the people as its focus.

”Its chief purpose being the material and spiritual well-being of its citizens with emphasis focused on wealth creation, popular participation, social justice and equity, among others,” he said.
The former governor said that the members of the group were drawn from groups across the country, who were non-partisan.
”History has shown that multi-nationality, multi-ethnicity or even multi racial and religious composition can be turned into a source of strength by a nation.
”Members of this group have decided that, although tribes and tongues may differ, we do not have to sing discordant tunes.
”We have therefore resolved, in the spirit of our National Anthem, to “Arise” to dedicate the remaining days of our lives to the service of Nigeria with the vision to re-invent a new and better Nigeria for every Nigerian,” he said.
He listed some of the focus of the group to include strong and united Nigeria, equity, justice and fairness for every citizen.
“Others are the realisation of full potential of every Nigerian and protection of the rights of every Nigerian wherever he/she decides to reside,” he said.

Attah said that the group was poised to ensure primacy of peaceful co-existence between and among Nigerians.

”We are also committed to ensuring proper sense of nationhood and common nationality,” Attah added.
“Our job as a group is to keep Nigeria as one, united working Nigeria. When the nation needs someone to stand for it, we will be there.
”The members of this group are men of integrity who want to hide under one Nigeria and not a part or section of the country.
”Nigeria needs to have an orderly transition from President Muhammadu Buhari and there will be elections that will compound the problems of the country.
”We want Nigeria to be a great nation and the group has various activities the conduct of free, fair, peaceful and transparent 2023 elections,” he said.



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