Nenneh’s Intolerance Vs Aminu’s Misguided Piece


In as much as I don’t support Aminu’s misguided piece against the nation’s first lady, I equally don’t support first lady’s intolerance to the scenario.

The first lady is supposed to act democratically by not being disturbed about the matter, 90% of her husband’s supporters casted aspersions slandering the persons of GEJ and his wife Dame of which Nenne enjoyed from the propagation that made her the nation’s first lady today.

Without the likes of Aminu that dissented on the poor performance of GEJ, there wouldn’t be downfall of GEJ, I can assure you that 60% of what we wrote castigating the person of GEJ was never democratic and constitutional, yet GEJ overlooked all the disdainful scenarios.

In fact GEJ went ahead to handover with a peaceful transition, what I’m trying to say? My point is simple that we aren’t in military dispensation any longer, let Nenne learn to be matured and overlook what the boy did.

They joined Politics to be slandered and win, therefore, those supporting Aminu’s incarceration should bear in mind that in democracy one must be insulted by miscreants before attaining success.

May God reward GEJ for his perseverance and maturity over what we did to oust him bringing Inn the current ineffectual Buffon.