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Nasarawa APC Chairmanship: Why Hon Aliyu Bello Is The Answer


Without any doubt, Hon Aliyu Bello is indeed, a metaphor for Nasarawa politics especially in the ruling APC in the state. Ever since he ventured into partisan politics, precisely some three decades ago, Hon. Aliyu Bello- the Sardaunan Adogi- is always on the march, never looking back. His political elegance has placed him far ahead of his contemporaries.

Little wonder he is today being referred to by both friends and foes alike as not only a pillar but engine room of APC in Nasarawa state. Of course, if there is any language terminology to describe the place of Hon. Aliyu Bello in APC, he is more than that terminology.

Hon. Aliyu Bello is an enigma when it comes to political mathematics. Since he joined APC from the defunct nPDP in the build up to the 2015 general election, his doggedness are so manifest that one can safely say that all the successes the APC recorded in all previous elections in Nasarawa state were, in part, due to his adroitness.

Hon. Aliyu Bello is one person in APC that has not only the winning formula but also the formula for settling political disputes at his finger. Bring any political party problem to Hon. Aliyu Bello and you will be rest assured he will work out an acceptable solution to the problem within a twinkle of an eye.

To the best of my knowledge, I have never come across any political party problem to which Hon. Aliyu Bello propounded a solution and the solution hit the rock. Even if you dislike Hon. Aliyu Bello, you must admit he has a political magic wand. In fact this magic wand, you cannot take away from him regardless of the level of hatred for him.

One other thing you cannot take away from Hon Aliyu Bello is his straightforwardness. No matter how important or close you are to him, if you do anything untoward, he will not hesitate to rebuke you there and then. Hon. Aliyu Bello loves talking truth to power, those who were opportuned to work or associate closely with him would attest to this.
And one remarkable thing about people with this character trait (talking truth to power) is that they are incorruptible. Yes, Hon. Aliyu Bello is one person you cannot influence with money or any material thing for him to promote your interest or defend it. This you cannot also take away from him. He believes in championing an interest he believes in.

Without being immodest, Hon. Aliyu Bello is exactly the type of person we need at this time as chairman of APC in Nasarawa state; a person who has a magic wand, a person who is straightforward and incorruptible and a person who you cannot influence to go against the interest of the people and the party.

In Nasarawa state, as we count- down to APC State Congress, both conventional and online newspapers as well as the social media are awash with all kinds of analyses, trying albeit unsuccessfully, to compare Hon. Aliyu Bello with other aspirants jostling for position of chairman of APC. Most of these writers are fair in their analyses to some extent, but when it comes to knowing the brass tacks of partisan politics especially in Nasarawa state, none can match Hon. Aliyu Bello

Agreed, some factors may likely come to play in the selection process of the chairman of APC in Nasarawa state but such factors must not be to the detriment of competence and the ability to deliver. Most of those who are jostling for the position have little or no experience in political party administration. And at this material time it will be dangerous for Governor Abdullahi Sule and the APC stakeholders in Nasarawa state to entrust the chairmanship position of the APC in the hands of a lightweight person.

In the history of democratic elections the world over, no election is so precarious, unsafe and decisive like second term election. Thus, it would be foolhardy to elect a chairman who cannot add any value to the party. As we are approaching 2023 general elections, in Nasarawa state, we need a thorough bred political party administrator at the helm of affairs of our great party.

Hon. Aliyu Bello is the only thoroughbred party administrator we have around at the moment. Selecting/electing him to steer our party affairs as chairman would lead the party to, not only victory in 2023 but the party would experience a robust leadership unparalleled in the history of APC in the state.

We must make sure that we eschew all forms of sentiments. In APC, all I believe, are one and the same. Both ethnic and religious sentiments must not come into play.

Rayanu writes in from Lafia, Nasarawa State.



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