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NAN Celebrates African Culture, Showcases Traditional Attires

The Lagos Office of the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Wednesday celebrated the African culture, with members of staff exhibiting traditional attires peculiar to different ethnic groups in the country.
The cultural day celebration was part of activities to mark the 2022 Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ), NAN Chapel Media Week, held at the agency’s premises in Lagos.
This was meant to appreciate and enliven various aspects of the nation’s culture.
The members of staff wore colourful traditional outfits dancing while experiences of inter-tribal marriages were discussed as well as how marriage ceremony is performed in each ethnic group.
Cuisines from different tribal groups across the country were on display as the staff took turns to take cuisines different from their ethnic group.
Mr Ephraim Sheyin, Head of Lagos Operations, NAN, advised Nigerians to focus more on imbibing African culture of respect, hard work and obedience.
Sheyin said these were virtues capable of distinguishing individuals in the society.
“This is highly commendable, I appreciate the NUJ for making the celebration of our culture part of activities for this programme, it is a good idea.
“This is a way of reviving our culture, African culture is so rich, every tribe has  their culture which reminds people that they must comport themselves as responsible citizens.
“I advise Nigerians to imbibe those aspects of our culture that preaches hardwork, respect and obedience, these are virtues that are gradually weaning off and must be revived.
“African culture does not entail stealing or corruption, we must all desist from these bad habits,” he said.
Members of staff at the event
Also, Alhaji Babatunde Abdulfatah, a Deputy Editor-in-Chief, NAN, urged parents to ensure children were taught their indigenous languages and every aspect of African culture at early age.
Abdulfatah said this would guide against most aspects of the nation’s culture going into extinction.
He said culture serves as an individual’s means of identity and must be guided.
“This is an avenue to relieve ourselves of the stress associated with our work, thanks to the NUJ.
“Our culture is our identity, our root. We as parents must ensure that we do everything to ensure that our childen are guided through our culture.
“I frown at parents who insist that their children should speak English language instead of the mother tongue, we must teach our children our local languages so that they can be properly internalised into the African setting,” he said.
Mrs Vivian Ihechu, Chairman, Local Organising Committee of NAN, NUJ Media Week, emphasised the need for Nigerians to constantly connect with their cultures and roots. (NAN)


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