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NAHCON Chairman’s Eid-el-Fitr Message


Time to Consolidate on 2022 Hajj

By the special favour of the Almighty, we witness the end of Ramadan fast, glory be to Him that makes any situation possible. On behalf of my humble self, NAHCON Board, management, and entire staff, I congratulate Nigerian Muslims for being alive to celebrate this joyous occasion of Eid-el-Fitr. I pray that we have exited the holy month of Ramadan with an exalted demeanor than when we started. I also pray that the Almighty grants the supplications that we made for ourselves and for our country. May all our acts of worship be rewarded with jannatul firdaus.

As we revel on the prospect of participating in Hajj 2022, I would like to reassure our intending pilgrims and other stakeholders that NAHCON has reached a significant preparatory stage with critical partners essential to the success of Hajj operations. Similarly, the Commission is exploring every possible window to minimize the inevitable increase in Hajj fare. It is in the light of this that I urge our intending pilgrims and other stakeholders to reciprocate NAHCON’s effort through timely payment of dues as soon as the final fare for Hajj 2022 is announced. A timely move in this direction will help management in determining the number of pilgrims the Commission would be making arrangement for, which is an important paradigm for a successful Hajj.

Let me seize this avenue to update the public on latest development arising from an official visit to National Tawafa Company for Pilgrims of Non-Arab African Countries in Saudi Arabia, simply referred to as Mu’assasa. NAHCON delegation received briefing on some policy guidelines pertaining to few areas of Hajj operation. One of this is the restriction of four pilgrims to a room.

Similarly, this year, pilgrims shall be organized 45 to a group under one supervisor. Details of the grouping procedure will follow subsequently.

I hence encourage stakeholders saddled with the responsibility of organizing such groups to start strategizing to capably meet up with the requirement when the time comes.

Another new plan in this year’s Hajj is that feeding in Masha’ir would be managed by the Mu’assasa; this is the Muna, Muzdalifa and Arafat domains where pilgrims relocate to for devotional retreat.

It is my strongest conviction that Hajj 2022 will be a success if we resolve to collectively contribute our quota towards attaining a hitch-free 2022 Hajj operations.

Once again, eid Mubarak. May Allah in His mercy accept our worship.

Zirullah Kunle Hassan,



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