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My Ambition Is Second To Justice In Our Society. My Position!

• I would like to state clearly that our position on my ambition remains unchanged, no senatorial primaries conducted in Taraba North.

• I have decided to seek legal redress in court for proper action against this hanky-panky of a process that was alleged to have occured on May 28, 2022 in order to change the status quo.

• APC was founded as a progressive vehicle to bring our political desires to fruition and make the system work for everyone.

• Unfortunately, this genuine objective has been consistently ignored for selfish reasons.

• On the other hand, a group called Taraba Youth for good Governance with the caption “APC Youths in Taraba Demands for Hon. Liman as Senator Bwacha’s Deputy”

• I am elated to see the positive reactions of Tarabans in finding me worthy of serving in any capacity deemed necessary.

• It is a sign of relief to us that Tarabans recognize potential and are willing to support us in order to succeed and make the state a better place.

• I am grateful to Taraba Youth for good Governance for their thorough evaluation on my education, experience & skills, and how they relate to the position.

• However, it is worth noting that I am still running for Senate as I’m already in court pursuing my case to its logical conclusion.

• It is thus critical to appreciate that we have learnt our lessons and should never make the same mistakes by allowing culprits to go unchallenged in our collective zeal to protect and better the future .

My name is A.A. Liman

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My name is Fatima muhammed Halidu


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