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Merger: NNPP Open to Discussions Ahead 2023 – Alkali

Prof. Rufa’i Alkali, National Chairman,  New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP) on Wednesday said  the partiy  was open to  alliances,  ahead of the 2023 general elections.

Alkali, a former presidential adviser on political affairs to ex-president Goodluck Jonathan, disclosed this in Lagos at a news conference.

According to him, the party is not aversed to  negotiations  toward building the country.

“Parties who want to discuss with the  NNPP must do so as an equal partner and must share our views on the future of the country.

“All parties are equal before the law.

“We are talking about the future of Nigeria,” Alkali,  a former national publicity secretary of the PDP said.

He decried the lack of sophistication in political negotiations in Nigeria, saying that people should not come to a negotiation with sole option that the NNPP Presidential Candidate, Sen. Rabiu  Kwankwaso should step down his  ambition for them.

According to him, when a party sits down to negotiate, they have to first try to understand themselves: what is it that they share in common–ideals, vision, manifestos, aims and objectives-to work together.

He added  that  parties  should also agree on the level of the alliance either at the house of assembly, representatives, senate, governorship or presidential.

“In politics we talk about capacity.”

The chairman, however, said that Nigeria cannot afford  to make mistakes in 2023, stating that the NNPP would usher in fresh ideas on building the nation’s economy if elected.

“NNPP is a Nigeria project and will usher in a spontaneous change in the nation’s polity,” he added.

He noted that the NNPP remained the fastest growing political party in Nigeria and would soon get the support of majority of Nigerians nationwide.

He said  the NNPP would remain consistent with its principles which was to better the life of Nigerian masses.

On power rotation, the scholar said that the concept of zoning is the bane of the nation’s polity.

“What Nigeria needs is leadership that people can trust and will deliver,” Alkali, a professor of political science and economy said.

On Muslim Muslim ticket, the chairman said it was the prerogative of the candidate to choose his or her running mate, noting that what should matter most should be tackling Nigeria’s challenges.

He added: “If we want this country to change we must move beyond zoning and religious discuss.

“We have passed the stage of contradictions of zoning and religious sentiments.” (NAN)



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