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IPCR, Foundation Sign MOU to Manage Conflict, Promote Peace

The Director-General of the Institute, Dr Bakut tswah Bakut, while signing the MOU in Abuja, said that the memorandum would provide a platform for joint conferences.

He said that it would also facilitate provision of seminars and workshops to enlighten and train citizens on peacebuilding.

According to him, it will go a long way to addressing and managing conflict in the country because there are more hands-on decks to ensure that peace reigns in the country.

“We believe this is a good opportunity for the institute to promote peace and this MOU will not be like others that were signed and forgotten

“We also believe that we will be able to achieve the set goals on it, even before the three years elapse,” Bakut said.

Dr Fatima Akilu, Director of NEEM Foundation, in her remarks said that the foundation worked primarily in conflict resolution across northern Nigeria in the areas of peace, security and trauma management.

While appreciating the director-general of the Institute for the opportunity for partnership, she noted that a lot could be done about peace in the country, especially with the crisis happening.

“In the last couple of days a lot of conflicts have been happening in Nigeria ranging from different spheres and we believe that if we all work together, then peace is possible in the nation.

“We are really committed to seeing that peace is kept and the foundation has a lot of ideas in terms of peacekeeping,

“But it cannot be actualised without the involvement of the institute, so, I want to thank and urge the institute to work hand in hand with us to achieve this given set goal and objective,” Akilu said. (NAN)



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