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Insider Explains why Burna Boy Lagos Concert was Delayed

With the social media still awash with complaints over the delay in the take-off of the “Lagos loves Damini” Sunday show, Mr Joseph Edgar has explained what happened.

Edgar, Chairman, Duke of Shomolu Productions, a theatrical plays producing outfit, who is a close associate of Wonder X, organisers of the show, blamed the delay on unforseen factors.

“A lot is being said about the just-concluded mega concert featuring global star Burna Boy.

“A lot of stories have come out from different sources, especially eye witness accounts, detailing delay in the show and the very unprofessional attitude of the star who came out cursing and spending quite an unacceptable time on stage despite the long wait for him.

“My unimpeachable sources have informed me that just as the show was about to start, a huge surge hit and blew off 15 microphones out of the 45 that were on stage.

“This meant that the show couldn’t go on and this explains the long unexplainable wait that the audience had to endure as organisers scrambled to find replacement in Lagos during a season where other such huge shows were taking place.

“Furthermore, I have also learnt that due to the popularity of the concert which attracted about 30,000 people, the roads were blocked.

“The adjoining streets – Adetokunbo Ademola, Akin Adesola and Ahmadu Bello – witnessed a complete lock-down.

“I have been told that the music star was stuck in traffic and getting him and his crew to the venue was more like a military action involving taking back roads within the expansive Eko Atlantic through to the Energy City site of the concert.

“The Star, Burna, did not help matters as he seemed to have a beef against the Lagos audience.

“He came out cursing and abusing them.”

Edgar, however, expressed happiness that the show could be termed a phenomenal success as Burna was able to rise above the initial delay to deliver some of his hit tunes.

“That excellent delivery made the crowd to forget their initial misgivings and they danced the night away.

“This was a learning experience for all stakeholders involved, especially the organisers, who would have to beef up their technical capacity and also seek an efficient working relationship with authorities, especially in traffic managemnt and security.

“I have heard reports of the Lagos State Government removing number plates from parked vehicles of attendees. Organisers must tackle such issues well in advance.

“In all, it was a wonderful experience as Nigerians were given another wonderful opportunity to watch their beloved Olu Burna who, despite it all, gave a wonderful, albeit brief, show to the satisfaction of the crowd.” (NAN)



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