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High Commission Refutes Alleged Targeted Killing of Nigerians in Kenya

The Nigeria High Commission in Kenya has refuted an online media report alleging the targeting and killing of Nigerians in the East African country.

In a statement issued in Nairobi on Saturday, a copy of which was received by the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), the Commission described the story as a concoction replete with falsehood.

It urged the public to refrain from interfacing with faceless groups or individuals who invest shamelessly in propagating irritants injurious to the cordial diplomatic relations between Nigeria and Kenya.

It also urged Nigerians in Kenya to go about their activities within the provisions of the laws of the host country.

The High Commission added that it remained resolute in executing its responsibilities and functions with every sense of professionalism and patriotism to Nigeria and to Nigerians.

“A parody news item released by an online platform on Aug. 31 and captioned `Nigerians in Kenya have raised alarm over targeted killings…is a concoction replete with falsehood and unfounded allegations.

“The Nigerian High Commission in Kenya is not irked by the falsehood and frivolous allegations and will continue to conduct its statutory obligations on behalf of Nigeria and Nigerians in Kenya.

“The High Commission, in line with statutory obligations, is devoted to the proper treatment of Nigerian nationals in Kenya and acts expeditiously on their behalf.

“Contrary to claims of extrajudicial killings of Nigerians in Kenya by police operatives, there is no such incident. Rather, Nigerians have been supported where necessary to engage the host authorities in line with local laws,’’ it stated.

The High Commission stated also that a syndicate of bad elements was out to tarnish its image.

“The High Commission is aware of a syndicate which desires to tarnish its purposeful engagements and successes.

“Members of the syndicate, who have been beneficiaries of the service excellence of the High Commission, have consistently failed in their efforts to riot and unleash mayhem on the High Commission and its personnel.

“Their schemes include phony online videos, unsubstantiated petitions and threats to officials of the Mission, and campaigns to close the High Commission and create a diplomatic row with the host government.

“The issue of concern in the parody news publication is the abduction of a Nigerian national on July 26 July.

“This is a sensitive subject of on-going engagement between the Nigeria High Commission and the Kenyan authorities. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Abuja, is also regularly updated on the matter,’’ it added.

It stated also that as part of measures taken to ascertain the whereabouts of the Nigerian national, the High Commission made publications in the print and electronic media in Kenya.

“The case is still being investigated and officials of the High Commission have sustained the requisite engagement with the host authorities and continue to do so.

“It is shameful that some devious elements have sought to garner favour through the misfortune of others,’’ it stressed. (NAN)



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