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Eid-el-Khabir: Engineer Sule Urges Vigilance, Harps On Peace, Unity

Nasarawa State Governor, Engineer Abdullahi Sule, has urged people of the state to remain vigilant with a view to protecting each other, especially with the security challenges confronting the nation.

Engineer Sule stated this while fielding questions from journalists shortly after observing the two-rakaat Eid-el-Khabir prayer, in Gudi, his country home, on Saturday.

While describing the Eid-el-Khabir as a period of neighbourliness and sacrifice, the Governor called on the people to watch out and to alert the security agencies on any suspicious movement towards safeguarding their neighbours.

He further appealed to the people of the state to continue to live in peace, forgive and understand with each other, which he said, underscores the significance of the festive period.

According to him, the Eid-el-Khabir signifies a period of sacrifice and being truthful to one another.

“On behalf of the government and good people of Nasarawa State, let me wish the entire Muslim Ummah a happy Sallah. This is actually a very special one, in the sense that this is the Eid of sacrifice, of humility.

“This is an Eid for us to leave in peace with one another, this an Eid for us to understand each other, to forgive one another, to be truthful to one another. And this is the whole essence of this celebration.

“And it’s on that basis I am wishing the good people of Nasarawa State a happy Eid. So we can continue to live with one another, to live in peace with one another, to protect each others interest, especially in this era of security challenges,” he stated.

Engineer Sule observed the two rakaats Eid-el-Khabir prayer at the Izalatul Biddah wa ikkamatus Sunnah praying ground in Gudi, led by Uztaz Khalid Ibrahim.

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