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Dogara: Desperation Of A Nomadic Politician

Dogara is a nomadic politician on the move again.

Believe Dogara, you’ll believe anything.

Dogara was among those earlier speculated to be among those favoured to be nominated as vice presidential candidate of the APC.

During that time, Dogara knew who could make his dream come true, politicians of substance from the North, who happen to be Muslims by accident of birth.

Dogara busied himself consulting and reaching out to Muslim politicians in order to make his dream come true.

The APC presidential candidate, Senator Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu, decided to go for Senator Kashim Shettima, who happens to be a Muslim.

Tinubu’s decision stems from his understanding that, for his party to become victorious at the 2023 general election, he needed someone that could attract support from the Muslim dominated North, with their 12m votes.

The calculation has nothing to do with pursuing any religious agenda but for political exigencies.

Now, Yakubu Dogara has decided to bite the hands that fed him. Muslim politicians always project and prop him up throughout his political career.

Dogara and his ilks are taking on a dangerous gamble, fruitlessly seeking to pitch Christians against Muslims, simply because they lost out.

However, their quest will not yield any result, except to further erode their political relevance. In their desperation, they readily forgot how impossible and impractical it will be to divide Nigerians along religious lines ahead of the 2023 general election.

Even though Tinubu picked Senator Kashim Shettima, it’s not possible that Asiwaju’s entire cabinet will be constituted by only Muslims.

Nigerians should be wary of desperate politicians like Yakubu Dogara and his ilks. They are only out to satisfy selfish ends. When the chips are really down, Dogara will run to a Muslim politician in Bauchi State or the North East, to seek favours.

With the way Dogara is acting, don’t be surprised if he moves again to another political party, where if he fails to get what he wants, then he will move elsewhere again.

Dogara and politicians like him don’t care a hoot about the people. They are only after their interests. And once they fail to realise their desire, they try to sink the boat.

The real reason why Dogara Yakubu lost out was not because of his religion. He lost out not because he is a Christian.

Yakubu Dogara missed the chance to become the vice presidential candidate of the APC essentially because he does not have the political clout to attract the anticipated votes to deliver the party during the forthcoming general elections.

Instead of accepting this reality, Dogara and others like him, who may have preferred the APC to lose the election, just so to satisfy their selfish goals, are running helter skelter, trying to deceive the gullible, whipping up religious sentiments.

Abare writes from Lafia, Nasarawa State

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