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Cleric Urges Muslims to Always Remember Death

The Chief Imam of Area 10 Jumma’at Mosque, Yahya Al-Yolawi, on Friday urged Muslims to always remember death and include it in their plans and agenda.

Al-Yolawi made this known, while delivering Jumma’at Sermon titled:”Significance of Remembering Death in Islam”.

He said that constant rememberence of death reduces worldly material inclination from the hearts of people.

The cleric said that remembering that one would die one day leads to peace, contentment and helps in preparation toward it before it would be too late.

Al-Yolawi said that any person who chooses to forget or rules out remembering death in his day to day life would be delaying repentance “until it was too late”.

“Muslims success or failure at the time of death depends on how much he prepared before that day. Preparing for death is a lifetime assignment.

“It begins on the day one reaches the age of adolescence, where he will be responsible for his deeds for the rest of his or her life. Once death arrives, the opportunity to do well or worship ceases.

“lt will be too late to repent and our final destination depends largely on the kind of beliefs and actions exhibited in this present life,” he said.

“Death is inevitable to every human- being,” he said.

According to him, that Allah says every soul will taste death and you will only be given your full compensation on the Day of Resurrection.”

Al-Yolawi, however, admonished muslims to fear Allah and ensure righteous deeds, noting that righteous deeds “are the only preparation for death”.

“Allah, the most High says, Oh you who have believed, let not your wealth and your children divert you from remembrance of Allah, and whoever does that-then those are the losers.

“And spend in the way of Allah from what we have provided you before death approaches one of you and he says my Lord, if only you will delay me for a brief term so I will give charity and be among the righteous.

“But never will Allah delay a soul when time comes. And Allah is fully aware with what you do. The soul of the wrongdoers will be taken away severely.” (NAN)



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