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CERANY, NDLEA Advise Students Against Drug Abuse

The Centre for Ethical Rebirth Among Nigerian Youths (CERANY), an NGO and the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) have advised students to watch what they eat at public places particularly at social parties.
The advice was given on Monday at the Government Secondary School Tudun Wada, Wuse Zone 4, Abuja, as part of the nationwide campaign against drug abuse among students.
Mr Oyutu-Precious Obiageli, an Assistant Commander of Narcotics, NDLEA, said the students must watch what they eat at every party, saying that they could take illicit drugs through foods.
“There are people who take cookies, some of it are prepared along with illicit drugs, some put drug substances in drinks as a kind of fun, you must know what you take at a particular time.
“A lot of things happened these days in the name of catching fund,” she stressed.
The narcotics commander also advised the students to be mindful of the kind of company they keep to avoid being influenced by their peer groups, as well as avoid drug users.
She called on the students to join anti-drug abuse clubs in their schools and to always listen to drug education to learn more about the negative impacts of drug abuse.
Mr Chuks Akamadu, President of CERANY, tasked the students to make further research about those who illicit drugs have ruined their lives, saying that the students must not toe their path.
He listed Diego Maradona, Brenda Fassie and Majek Fashek, as great people whose drug abuse brought down, adding that the students must not truncate their future.
“You must not follow your peers on the path of destruction, it is the foundation you have at your secondary school that determine your life to some extent.
“You must focus on your study,” Akamadu stressed. (NAN)


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