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Artists to Showcase “Once Upon a Time” Photography Exhibition in Lagos

A photography exhibition tagged “Once Upon a Time”, designed to highlight human experiences from adolescence to adulthood in typical Nigerian environment is scheduled to hold in Lagos from Oct. 29 to Nov. 6.

Udemma Chukwuma, Curator for the photography exhibition, during a media briefing in Lagos on Thursday said that the exhibition aimed at documenting history for future reference.

She said that the exhibition would display works created using the latest techniques in photography.

According to her, the exhibition will present to the audience new perspectives in photography and juxtapose them with classic or traditional photography.

“It is a curatorial excursion into the history and development of photography as an art form.

“In this photography exhibition, the expression depicts what the participating photo artists have captured over a period of time in their lives which have become beautiful memories.

“The artists to be featured in the exhibition are Godstime Godfrey, Oluwayemisi Onadipe, Adegbola Adetayo and Francisca Willy,” she said.

According to her, these artists were selected for their innovative use of creative techniques and technology to communicate and document.

She said the artists focused primarily on visual identity, fashion, landscape, portraiture, abstraction and still photography.

“Their works present examples of how change is constant and inevitable, reminding us that nothing remains forever as change happens in the present, not the past or future,” she said.

One of the artists, Onadipe, said she was passionate about documenting the daily activities of people in Lagos as she captures  the struggles of the common man.

According to Onadipe, in  her ‘Rainy Day’ series, she will be projecting images of people who pursue their daily activities in the rain.

Onadipo who would be displaying 9 works, emphasised in one of her works, the need for parents to ensure their children gain certain level of educational qualifications to be successful.

Also, Adetayo whose works were seen to be timeless and elegant, said he was always inspired by his environment and people around him.

He said he would be exhibiting 8 of his works meant to project the beauty of being an Africa as he emphasised the beauty of tribal marks and human mind.

Willy said she would be presenting her ‘Niger-Delta’ series which captures  the rhythms of time and place-making amongst riverine communities.

She noted that some of her works explores  people’s horrible experiences in trying to seek means of livelihood.

Godfrey said that his works explores subject matter on human rights violations, addiction, gender inequality, socio-political and socio-economic issues.

He said he also tried to touch on abstract and philosophical themes as he prepares  to project works like: “Onward Ever”, “How We Roll”, “Freedom is not Free” and more.

One of the partners for the exhibition, Jennifer Christian, Operation Manager, The Yatch Hotel, said it was an honour partnering to hold the exhibition as the hotel loves to embrace creative concepts.

“This is the second exhibition we are holding for the year, this is because it is something we believe in,” she said. (NAN)



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