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A Tinubu/Shattima Potential Candidature

…A matter of chemistry

If the potential Bola Ahmed Tinubu/Kashim Shettima presidential candidature succeeds, as all permutations are pointing at, it will be Nigeria’s most fitting, most forward-looking and most likely to move the nation out of the woods of missed opportunities, underperformance and stunted growth.

The two men have the same philosophy about the greatness of Nigeria as a richly endowed nation, which has all the potentials needed for it to grow out of the penury, squalid and endemic economic challenges which have paupersized its citizens and rendered them incapable of meeting up in basic needs.

With the type of mineral deposits, arable land to cultivate almost all manner of cash crops and a turn over of physically able manpower for growth, Nigeria tend to be where it is primarily owing to leadership deficit and mismanagement of its resources by a few spoilt brats.

A strong leadership that is highly skilled and educated, one that can gather around men and women of valor and capacity, a leadership that has been tested and has proven its mettle, a leadership that is in itself surrounded by the right mix of technocrats and politicians and one that can take the right and correct decisions at the right time is what Nigerians should look forward to, to begin the process of extricating an endowed nation from the very dark and selfish forces that have held it backward for too long. It is not that those who have led this country at various times in the past have not done their best. The truth is that their best happened to be not good enough to place Nigeria on a pedestal of sustainable growth.

The likely emergence of a Tinubu/Shettima joint presidential ticket of the All Prohressives Congress is, when looked at broadly and on the basis of the antecedents of the two leaders, about the first and only time a conscious and deliberate effort is going to be made to provide the missing link in the chain of leadership to reposition this country to achieve its full potentials.

The two men understand one another and have a lot in common. They have come a long way together and they both share the platitudes of men who governed their states at different times, but who worked had, at critical moments and ended up becoming legends in their respective performance levels. They have the same capacity to look out for the right talents and put these talents in the right positions to achieve set targets. They have proved that they do not fear bringing men who are far ahead of them intellectually in order to help them achieve their targets. They are mentors in the true sense of the word.

In fact, the chemistry between them, built over the years is a significant pointer to their ability to work closely together for the good of the nation. It is that chemistry that has held them glued to each other like Siamese twins. They think alike and have the same mindset and nationalism to be an excellent duo to navigate Nigeria out of its problems.

They are broadminded and large hearted in the same way they are known individually as detrabalized team players. If they end up becoming President and Vice President respectively, it is highly probable that Nigeria has indeed begin a journey out of the woods. Their strength is that they have been tested and they have proven a capacity – that very missing link, that has dogged us and which has cost us dearly as a nation.

Now that the cornerstone has been found, is it not time we get back to work, to put a nation aright?

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