2023: Academy Urges Women Vying for Positions to Focus on Impacting Lives

A Group, Yanmo Online Coaching Academy (YOCA) has urged women vying for elective positions to focus on serving and impacting lives rather than focusing on the money they will make if elected.

The call was made by Ms Yanmo Adetula, the Chief Executive Officer, YOCA and the  founder of Amplify Masterclass on Tuesday in Abuja.

YOCA women eager to move the academy to next level
YOCA women eager to move the academy to next level

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports thz at the Abuja Masterclass 2022, was organised by YOCA in conjunction with the Albino Foundation.

Adetula observed that many women campaigning for elective offices want the position because of the money,  not necessarily because they want to change the society.

According to her, women aspirants should not go into politics because of the money, rather they should contest because they want to serve, impact and transform lives.

According to Adetula, the Masterclass is an empowering mind set shifting interactive platform aimed at  giving fresh interpretation and perspective to life.

This she noted was to enable individuals to live authentically through practical application and dialogue.

“Women aspirants should not run for elections for the money, they should go for serving people , impacting and transforming lives  ,then the money will follow .

“Many of us want that position because of the money not necessarily  because we want to change the society.

“This is why the Amplified  Masterclass talks about changing your mindset, if you can alter the way you think and you understand your purpose, you are more likely to get more positive results out of people.”

Adetula  said that women needed to find something to do that was in line with who they  are and not to be copycats that do things because other people were  doing it since  life was not a competition .

“Women need to know that they have so much more in them ,we can put up master class and workshops and all the different great initiatives but ultimately, we want  women to know that they have a lot to offer.

“So, being marginalised is not an excuse, if you understand your identity, and you have a vision and your goals, then you will know what you need to do and start to focus on it.”

Adetula said that the  purpose of the Masterclass was to change the  mind-set  of  Nigerians to know there was potential inside them and not always wait for the government to do everything for them.

Also speaking, Mrs Enya Epelle, a Mind Coach who spoke about the power of the mind, said that the quality of people’s thoughts determines the outcome of their  lives.

“If  you know the capacity you have as an individual, as a humanbeing , it far surpasses any technology you have ever seen.

“Your  brain storage is so large that it will take 300 years of TV watching continuously to fill it up, which means that we have more than we need for this window of life that we find ourselves.”

Epelle therefore, said that Nigerians needed to have a mind shift and begin to engage their minds constructively  .

She said that this would produce good outcome not only for themselves but also the generations after them .

Chichi Iwnamadi, the Chief Executive Officer, Americare Medical Distributors Ltd., encouraged women to change toward becoming financially independent regardless of  who was helping them.

Iwnamadi said that there was the need for them  to have their own ability to empower other people to bring purpose  and value to their lives.

“The truth is value is the new currency and anyone who is not bringing value will not be useful to the society .

“There is a value in being independent because women build nations, a woman that is independent financially is going to help her family.

“This is  because the man only cannot actualise all the goals, especially in the type of economy we are in ,so a woman should be resourceful.

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A participant, Mrs Rita Eghujovbo described the Amplified Masterclass as amazing and eye-opening .

Eghujovbo said that the show was apt, as it was the  beginning  of the year so  the class was what people needed to actualise their goals.

“What Yanmo and her team have done today is pace setting,” she said. (NAN)

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